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Age of Empires III on the march! New trailer!

Gawp at Ensemble Studios' strategy sequel

Ensemble Studios looks set to deliver yet another strategy treat with its sequel Age of Empires III, and our recent interview with the developer (split into two parts which you can read here and here) had us furiously buffing our general's medal in anticipation for its release. And that release is to be at the end of the year according to a new trailer for the game that drips promise and can be downloaded by hitting the link below.

Age Of Empires III is set shortly after the events depicted in Age of Kings. European countries in particular have started sailing across the ocean in an attempt to establish colonies in the New World and it's your task is to lead one of these countries to prominence, competing against your rivals for control of these new continents. "This is a classic RTS with some new twists," says Ensemble. "'ll still gather resources, train soldiers, and fight the enemy. But the game has enough new features, including some amazing graphics, to hook in even the most jaded RTS player."

Age of Empires III movie (PC)
Download here (24.4Mb, WMV)