Swordfish Studios tackling Cold Winter sequel

British dev studio reportedly already working on a sequel to its PS2 first-person shooter

British developer Swordfish Studios' recently released PS2 first-person shooter Cold Winter is to receive a sequel, according to reports.

Details are scant at best. In fact, the only other semi-concrete slice of info reported on Cold Winter 2 is that Swordfish won't necessarily develop the follow-up for next-gen.

Swordfish's Cold Winter, which released in the UK on June 3, was extremely well received by our sister print mag PSW. A spy story with a twisty-turning plot, the FPS chucks you into the shoes of MI6 agent Andrew Sterling whose rescue from a Chinese prison is the catalyst for potential worldwide disaster. Read PSW's review for more info.

Swordfish Studios was recently acquired by Vivendi. We put a call in to the Cold Winter publisher for confirmation on the Cold Winter sequel but it was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.