The Warriors

If one developer has the balls to make a game based on Walter Hill's cult 1979 gang epic The Warriors, it's Rockstar - the company behind media-bating titles GTA and Manhunt. On one hand you have a movie that takes the violent gang scene of '70s New York and turns it into 90 minutes of non-stop sensual assault; on the other you have a company that seems to churn out mind-blowing (if morally debatable) gang-based videogames as easily as most people go the toilet.

The Warriors is Rockstar's homage to classic scrolling beat 'em ups like Final Fight and Streets of Rage; brutal, hand-to-hand combat spread across a huge, freeroaming recreation of New York.


Rockstar is concentrating on making the fighting system as deep as it possibly can while keeping it accessible. So while fight technicians can look forward to multiple fight styles, grabs, throws and reversals galore, those just looking to play a game based on their favourite urban fairytale can be assured that The Warriors will remain a pick-up-and-play experience throughout.

But Rockstar isn't spilling all its secrets at once - factors such as co-op and Live play remain to be seen. Here's hoping that the coming months reveal a game that proves to be as breathtaking as its celluloid inspiration was groundbreaking.