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Conflict: Global Terror screen attack

SCi delivers a heap of new screenshots from its latest Conflict game

SCi's Conflict series has been a real success story for the publisher, and we see no reason why the latest game in the franchise would fare any less well than its predecessors. Conflict: Global Terror sees the welcome return of Desert Storm crew Bradley, Jones, Connors and Foley as they take up arms against a terrorist threat. New screenshots from all versions of Global Terror have been released.

Global Terror is set in the current century, a current century that's witnessing the emergence of a new and deadly force in the terrorism world, March 33. Formed by descendants of the ODESSA Nazis, March 33's mission is to introduce a new world order through a campaign of extreme violence and intimidation. A rapid response counter-terrorist unit made up of Bradley, Jones, Connors and Foley has something to say about that, however.

Xbox version

But seeds of complication and betrayal are sown when a mole in the unit's command structure sells them out and Foley goes missing in action. The remaining team members bring on board sniper Carrie Sherman to help reveal - and presumably neutralise - March 33's full plans and drag the mole into the light of day.

SCi is promising numerous improvements for the series with Global Terror, including buffed up character appearance, better enemy AI (apparently terrorists echo human strategies, using cover points and attack and retreat tactics), extra gameplay variety via location hopping, a new physics engine, more dynamic character actions (talk is of "Greatly improved character behaviour including vaulting over objects and walls and climbing through windows") and online play.

Conflict: Global Terror releases on PC, PS2 and Xbox in September.