Rainbow Six: Lockdown sights PS2 - new footage

A life as a counter-terrorist is never dull

Ubisoft has released a new movie from the PS2 version of Rainbow Six: Lockdown, the publisher's latest instalment in its long-running tactical shooter franchise. On offer is two minutes of in-game footage that gives fans of the series a brief glimpse of all the wild and wonderful things you can get up to in Lockdown - like shooting people in the head for example. Grab the movie from the link below.

Rainbow Six: Lockdown is the fourth game in the squad-based tactical shooter series and sees the legendary team once again battling terrorism across the globe, although this time around things get personal as the good guys are directly targeted by a terrorist organisation.

Lockdown on PS2 - and Xbox and GameCube - is down for a September 9 release while a PC version is expected in early 2006.

Rainbow Six: Lockdown movie (PS2)
Download here (26.6Mb, AVI)