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PS3 to get 80 GB hard drive?

But you'll have to pick it up separately, according to Famitsu magazine

Sony will make a hard drive available for the PS3 but you'll have to buy it separately from the console itself, according to Famitsu magazine.

Sony made no mention of a bundled mass storage device when it revealed the PS3 at E3, although the official spec sheet did list a slot for a detachable hard disk (get the full sheet here).

But Famitsu has claimed that an 80 GB hard drive will be made available by Sony. It won't, however, come bundled with the console. This could be accurate information or just enlightened speculation, since PlayStation head honcho Ken Kutaragi recently told gamers to expect an 80 GB hard disk in an interview with a Japanese magazine.

The Xbox 360 will come with a removable 20 GB hard drive out of the box, with the likelihood that you'll be able to buy larger drives later in the console's life cycle.

Nintendo's Revolution, on the other hand, won't come with a hard drive but will contain 512 MB of Flash memory. Users will be able to expand on this capacity through an SD memory card slot.

Sony has yet to officially confirm its plans for a PS3 hard drive so this information remains speculative, though Famitsu is usually on the money. We'll bring you the latest as we get it.