Sega embarks on Barbarian Invasion

Creative Assembly's new owner will publish the Rome: Total War expansion pack

Sega today announced that it will be publishing the Barbarian Invasion expansion pack for the epic PC strategy hit Rome: Total War. The expansion is due in September this year.

There was a bit of confusion over who would publish Barbarian Invasion after Sega purchased Rome developers Creative Assembly. The original Rome: Total War game was published by Activision, see, which makes for all sorts of complications.

But Sega is pleased it's got the deal locked down. "We are delighted to have this superb title on our release schedule," said Matt Woodley, Creative Director at Sega. "It further demonstrates both Creative Assembly's ability to deliver the best games in the genre, and Sega's commitment to develop the Total War brand and maintain it's global status."

Barbarian Invasion expands the action of Rome into the period of unrest after the last emperor of a unified Rome has died. Barbarians are massing along the borders of the Empire and factions within the Senate and military are about to tear themselves apart for control of the world.

The expansion pack takes place 200 years after the end of Rome: Total War in a new, changed map of Europe. You'll be able to play as either the Western or Eastern Roman Empire, or take on the might of Rome as leader of a barbarian horde.

There's new AI, new factions, new units, new buildings, new technologies, new gameplay features like the Hordesm Character Loyalty and Roman Civil War, and atmospheric new night battles.

In fact, there's enough new content to justify a new game according to Creative Assembly's managing director, Tim Ansell. "Barbarian Invasion will contain a multitude of new features comprising of enough content to fulfil a full PC title release," he said "Creative Assembly have always aspired to make games for the fans and we have addressed the feedback from consumers to create the ultimate Rome experience."

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion will be available in September, published by Sega.