Hitman: Blood Money takes a gamble on new shots

Agent 47 heads to Las Vegas in the latest images from his new kill-fest

Las Vegas seems to be a good place for killers. First a bunch of LV-based synth-pop poseurs gained worldwide acclaim using the name, and now Hitman's Agent 47 has moved into the City of Sin.

These new screens from Hitman: Blood Money, due later this summer on Xbox, PS2 and PC, show the brutal baldy enjoying a few nights out on the tiles. Of course, he's not interested in making a few chips on the tables - he can make serious cash by offing some of Las Vegas' biggest and baddest criminal overlords.

He'll be partying with porn stars, enjoying the luxury of the five-star Shamal hotel, taking in the beauty of the priceless Princess Diamond Collection, and popping a few melons along the way. Viva Las Vegas!


Hitman: Blood Money takes the established formula of the assassin-'em-up series and adds a freelance spin. You'll be able to decide which hits you take, how you carry them out, and what you do with the cash you earn.

On top of that developer IO Interactive promises a bunch of new gameplay additions like improved AI. Rasmus Hoengaard, the game's director at IO, explains:

"The AI has been totally rewritten. NPCs behave way more realistic than before. I can give some examples: When you kill someone, the NPCs wont just leave the body lying there. They will pack the body in a body bag, and move it to a secluded area (this will have a consequence if you need the outfit or items). When you drop weapons (or your suitcase), the NPC`s will take them to a guard quarter, unless you find a wise place to hide the items. NPCs will look at you (and each other) depending on their level of suspicion. NPCs have points of interest on the level that they interact with (the ambient life has become more real and variated). NPC`s can also follow blood trails to a certain degree, so you better cover up your kills, and perform them wisely!"

You can find more on Hitman: Blood Money, including the first part in the Guide to Being a Hitman (not sanctioned by the Open University), at the official website.