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Yes, it's finally coming out on Xbox. The ripples that this unholy shooter caused on PC a year ago have finally spread far enough to reach the shores of Xbox. Highly over the top, yet loved by many, Painkiller is our journey into a hellish realm after, weirdly enough, we've already died.

We'll play a recently deceased guy who finds himself in purgatory, the limbo that is neither heaven nor hell. Before he can 'earn his wings', he must kill Lucifer's four generals. They're about to wage a war on heaven and only we can stop them. Since this is a conversion of the PC game (expansion pack Battle Out Of Hell should appear as part of the main package too), there'll be plenty of Live aspects.


We'll be able to play as five characters through the five multiplayer modes, including Dan (the human hero), a hell-beast, a knight of the realm, a demon, and a fallen angel, all of whom will feature varying strengths depending on our gaming choice. A knight will be heavily armoured but slow, while a fallen angel will be faster and use ethereal weapons, but have a weaker disposition. You get the idea.

As for the multiplayer modes, deathmatch and team deathmatch are standard these days, but three new modes include a new Light Bearer mode that sees an ethereal weapon appear at random during a fight, and the first to grab it is given super strength.

A second new mode boasts random weapon changes. Everyone starts a bout with the same weapon then, at random intervals, the weapons will change, so we'll have to alter tactics on the fly.

The third is called People Can Fly. If our feet are on the ground, we can't die. The catch? All weapons are rocket launchers, and the ground is bouncy. See where this one's going? Beats Capture the Flag!

With up to eight online players and such unusual Live modes, we're really looking forward to this title. And did we mention each multiplayer map is filled with flesh-piercing booby traps as well? Nice!