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Phantasy Star Universe heading to next gen?

Sega's impressive online universe tapping up 360?

Sega's impressive looking online RPG Phantasy Star Universe, the next extension to the Phantasy Star series may be heading to the next generation machines if latest reports arising out of the US are to be believed.

US magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly is reporting that Sega Phantasy Star Universe is being made ready to debut on next generation machines, and if the report is true, we'd probably suggest that the Xbox 360 would be the first target. Currently PSU is slated for PC and PS2 with a spring 2006 release mooted for Europe which would certainly put it in the 360's launch time frame.

However UK Sega reps were unable to confirm the existence of a next-gen version of the game, although they promised to keep us updated as things develop. More PSU news as it arrives, but in the meantime we've rustled up a few new PC screens for you to enjoy.