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Full hands-on preview rises from beyond the grave... and it's looking like one you'll want to, er, possess

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You can also send them all in one by one - point at target and press X (we're playing on a PC here and using an Xbox controller by the way). The number of successive button taps equals the number of zombies sent in. Additionally, you can send them in by percentages, meaning when you point your reticule at the target and press and hold 'X', you'll see a circle start to appear in quarters around the reticule. These represent the percentages, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%, each quarter counting for 25% of your group. Sounds a bit more complex than it actually is.

The other options available to the player were sadly restricted due to the early nature of the build. A feature currently being implemented is the ability to mutate zombies into different types. You use a form of currency gained through killing which is known as mutation points to finance this.

There is also an online multiplayer mode promised which we particularly like the sound of. Imagine multiple zombie masters each controlling hundreds of undead slaves to destroy each other in an orgy of zombie fuelled fighting. Our brains can barely contain themselves.


The single-player demo we played was set up as a time-based challenge, testing your skill by enslaving as many humans as possible with as few casualties as possible. After eight minutes, we'd enslaved the lot, though lost a few good zombies in the process giving us the rank of 'Mindless Button Masher'. A fair ranking as we ended up doing just that when it all got a bit chaotic. Either way, it was easy to get to grips with and pretty smooth sailing once underway.

The only thing we would say that sold the concept short at the moment (early demo timeline withstanding) is that we didn't get much of a feel for the level design. Refreshingly, Blitz didn't duck away from this and conceded as much. Frankly, we can't wait to play Possession again once the developer's got some more advanced level designs in place.

Possession was one of the most surprising and refreshing offerings of this year's E3, and nothing we've seen since has made us change our mind. The game concept is great, the design seems sound, the designers were genuinely confident, open, honest and healthily self-critical folk (always a good sign) and the tech was certainly solid. Now all it needs is a publisher to unleash the next-gen zombie hordes on an unsuspecting world.

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