Halo 2 Map Pack unleashed tomorrow

Bungie launches second assault on the Halo 2 multiplayer faithful - full details inside

If you were finally starting to get a little tired of Halo 2's awesome Live multiplayer mode you're in luck. Tomorrow marks the launch of the Halo 2 Map Pack: 5 brand new levels complete with Live updates and bonus content, all on one wee disk for £14.99.

We've had the personal pleasure of previewing all the new maps in the comfort of Microsoft's leather-clad gaming bunker, and we can confirm that every one is a gem. For our full impressions head here.

Also included with the Map Pack are Live updates that will finally kick the ass of dirty cheaters, and balancing measures for weapons that should make the combat even slicker. All previous Live updates will also be included on the disk.

And there's more: If you buy the Map Pack you'll also get to enjoy an animated feature detailing some of the events surrounding the Covenant's attack on New Mombasa (as seen in Halo 2's Campaign mode). Also included are some behind the scenes featurettes showing what the crazy bunch at Bungie get up to when they're working on the game.

If you don't want to buy the Map Pack from a shop you can always download the 5 new maps over Xbox Live for £7.99. Bungie and Microsoft also promise that the maps will be available for free later this year.