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PGR3 gets competitive with Tournament Mode

Get the latest on Bizarre's plans for monthly online tournaments and smell Gotham 3's sweet exhaust fumes inside

Developer Bizarre Creations plans to host huge monthly Project Gotham Racing 3 tournaments that will allow thousands of players to compete for the ultimate kudos - the status of a true Gotham Hero.

In the developer's latest diary Bizarre's Ben describes how every month a new tournament will let countless Gotham players get competitive on Xbox Live, with the eventual winners scooping fame and possibly even fortune.

Anyone on Live will be able to enter and the initial rounds will take the shape of qualifying lap attacks. Later, players will be arranged into organised knockout phases. The whole process of every tournament will also be available to view on PGR3's live spectator mode, Gotham TV. It'll be like a whole new motorsport, played out totally on Xbox Live!


Bizarre also promises more huge news in the near future (the developer describes them as 'REALLY important announcements'), and has been good enough to supply us with a new screenshot of - wait for it - the exhaust of a TVR Sangaris. Fumey!

But seriously, this screenshot shows just how advanced Gotham 3's next-gen graphics engine is. In the finished game every car's exhaust - and any other area that gives off heat - will shimmer with a beautiful haze.

Head to Bizarre's official website at for the full lowdown on Gotham Tournaments and for a fully animated example of the exhaust fume system.

Project Gotham 3 is expected to be an Xbox 360 launch title when the console is released late this year, currently thought to be in November.