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More PSP colours planned?

Reports from Asian retail sources reinforce silver PSP rumours - and now a pink PSP minces down speculation street

Sony may be preparing to launch several 'special edition' PSPs in different colours to the standard black finish, according to reports has received from Asian retail sources.

The tip-offs come days after we reported on rumours that Sony may be preparing to launch a silver PSP in Japan before Christmas. Our source, who has links to a significant retailer based in Asia, has indicated to us that several suppliers in the Japanese electronics industry have been discussing a silver version of the PSP for over a month now.

Furthermore, our source informed us of whispers regarding a pink version of the PSP. This edition would be aimed at the female audience, possibly in an attempt to make the rather masculine handheld more attractive to a wider demographic.

We got in touch with Sony to enquire about these rumours and received the following statement: "When the PSP was unveiled Sony showcased a variety of colours and accessories, but at present we cannot officially confirm any additional colour or when it may become available."

Indeed, at last year's E3 Sony showed off several attractive non-black PSP models, including an all-white Gran Turismo special edition. Nintendo has also always had fantastic success with different colour editions of the GBA and DS hardware, so it would seem that special edition PSP colours are definitely in the pipeline.

At the moment, however, the existence of a silver - or indeed pink - PSP remains speculation. As soon as it doesn't, we'll let you know.