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Nintendo no-go at Tokyo Games Show

The Revolution will not be at the Nippon Convention Centre this September - will Nintendo unveil it at a standalone event?

The official exhibitor listing for the 2005 Tokyo Games Show, running at the Nippon Exhibition Centre from September 16-18, has been announced and there's one name conspicuous by its absence.

While almost all of videogaming's heavy hitters will be pimping their latest wares at the show, Nintendo will not be in attendance. The news effectively puts paid to hopes that the Revolution would be revealed in its true glory at the event.

Nintendo's main rivals, Microsoft and Sony, are both confirmed as attendees and will surely give their respective next-gen consoles a high-profile showing. Expect Microsoft in particular to push the Xbox 360 in earnest, given Bill Gates' renewed effort to crack the Asian games market.

But the absence of Nintendo shouldn't come as a great shock - the Japanese gaming giant frequently snubs Asia's answer to E3. Instead, Nintendo likes to hold its own event away from the competition, usually towards the end of summer.

Last year the finished version of the DS was unveiled in a glorious hands-on ceremony, so in the coming months we may finally discover just what the Revolution's revolution really is.

We got in touch with Nintendo to try and nail down whether such an event was planned and were informed simply that, "nothing has been announced yet."

So in the meantime check out the official TGS 2005 website (handily now with English translation) and browse the list of exhibitors for yourself.