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Winning Eleven 9 footage drops PES 5 hints

A five-minute movie of Japan's version of Pro Evolution Soccer hits the 'net

Football: it's a game of two halves. Or, if it happens to videogame version Pro Evolution Soccer played in the office, it's that plus mass profanity and "stoopid [censored] controller's broken" cries as said controller is thrashed repeatedly on desk in anger and frustration after going down 6-0.

So come the arrival of the fifth instalment in Konami's brilliant sports series we're probably going to have to dig deep into our threadbare pockets and send the tea boy out to pick up some new game pads. We're sure he'll appreciate the fresh air.

Anyway moving swiftly on, Japan has recently carried a trailer for Winning Eleven 9 - Japan's version of PES; and the trailer's downloadable below. Yep, Winning Eleven's Japan-only, but Pro Evolution Soccer 5's expected to carry several features appearing in WE9 and as such the movie should be a decent hint at what to expect from the next PES title.

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 is to make its playable debut at Game Convention 2005 taking place in Leipzig, Germany, between August 18 and August 21. We'll have plenty of official details then, but in the meantime nab some hints by downloading the trailer below.

Winning Eleven 9 trailer
Download here (30Mb, QuickTime)