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Brando new Godfather screens

New media, but no Marlon according to reports

EA has released a bunch of new The Godfather screens (which we've uploaded to this page) and videos (which can be viewed here), giving horses everywhere a moments relief as wannabe gangsters skip gaily back inside and stop loitering suspiciously around paddocks across the country.

There's some disappointing news for The Godfather aficionados though - according to the New York Times, Marlon Brando's voice won't be used in the finished game, contrary to popular belief. EA representatives have confirmed that although the actor agreed to provide his likeness and vocals to the project, the severity of his medical condition during last year's recording session meant that the results were of insufficient quality for use in game.


Instead, a professional voice mimic has provided Don Corleone's husky tones, using the original session tapes as a basis for his performance.

Godfather purists will have the chance to moan all they like when the game is released later this year.