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Codemasters dumps Wartime Command

Publisher walks away from once hotly-touted World War II RTS on PC

Codemasters has announced that it has chosen to drop publishing duties for PC RTS Wartime Command: Europe at War 1939 - 1945 after what it describes as "a long and bumpy ride both developing and supporting this title".

In development at 1C, Wartime Command looked highly promising when it was originally unveiled back in early 2002 under the title WWII RTS and was being hailed as an ultra-sim promising incredible attention to detail. However, it sounds as though the project wasn't meeting certain standards expected by Codemasters.

"There have been some issues during the design and implementation of the ideas for the game, that both 1C and Codemasters have wanted," Codemasters has stated in a letter to its Wartime Command community. "Unfortunately", it continued, "delays to the launch were inevitable, and it is with great regret that Codemasters have decided to not proceed with this title".

According to the publisher, 1C is continuing development of Wartime Command under its original name WWII RTS, but whether it'll now see the light of day is unknown.