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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory takes Brooklyn

New Splinter Cell multiplayer map now available for free download on Xbox

Can't get enough of sneaking round in the dark, plunging great large knives in the back of mates and creating poor international relations by zapping folk with stun guns? Well you'll be wanting the new Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory map then.

Already available for download for free for PC and now Xbox too, this Versus mulitplayer map is called Steel Squat and takes the action to Brooklyn, New York. It combines both indoor and outdoor gameplay and features a joint operation between the DEA, IRS, FBI and US Customs. The download will also correct a few known code niggles.

In addition - and as previously reported - Ubisoft will be releasing a North Korean nuclear plant map and a New York UN HQ map, both for co-op play, in coming weeks.