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The Godfather shoots back to 2006

EA expects horse heads in beds after delaying its much anticipated gangster sim

Some might call it a crime against Xmas, EA will say it's to do with 'quality control', but whatever your view on events, the truth of the matter is gangland epic The Godfather will now not release until early 2006 across all formats.

This date re-jigging - the game was oringinally expected toward the end of this year - was revealed at EA's US summer press event this week, with the gaming kingpin stipulating a desire for gameplay perfection as its root cause.

"The Godfather is one of the most cherished franchises in entertainment," explained executive producer David DeMartini. "Releasing the game in early 2006 allows us more time to perfect the open-world experience of being a member of the Corleone family."

Which, to be honest, is fair enough. The Godfather is the movie equivalent of vintage Sicilian wine, and there would be widespread outcry if the game didn't do it justice. Certainly one would expect Brando's ghost to give the development team a few unfriendly bumps in the night if that were the case.

No exact release date was announced, except that it would launch in the fourth quarter of EA's fiscal year, which runs from January 2006 until March 31 2006. This is the second piece of slightly disappointing The Godfather news, with it this week revealed that 'Don Corleone' Marlon Brando's voice would not be used in the game.

The Godfather is set to release for PS2, Xbox, PC and PSP.