The Saga of Ryzom: The Ryzom Ring

Always offering a dynamic and ever-changing environment, The Saga Of Ryzom was a place where you could make a real difference in shaping the storyline of the game and indeed the very world itself. This winter, developer Nevrax is delivering on its promise in rather an unusual way - by giving you the ability to create your own areas and deck them out with all the flora and fauna you wish. You'll also be able to create your own characters and storylines, and manage these areas as if they were a slightly more complex, virtual back garden.

In Ryzom Ring, you'll be given access to a set of map templates and when you've designed and populated your area, you can throw open your doors to as many people as you like. All hosting is taken care of by Nevrax, so all you have to worry about is the fun stuff.


"It's about giving more power to the players, giving them the ability and tools to express themselves with what they can't do at the moment in Ryzom or any other MMORPG out there," explains Nevrax's chief technology officer Daniel Miller.

The plan is to then allow you a greater variety of tools to modify your new lands and involve all players in the ongoing Saga Of Ryzom storyline. If your map gets the thumbs-up from Nevrax, it could even become a permanent feature and you'll become forever entwined into the fabric of the gaming world itself.