Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

It's slightly strange to think that Conan the Barbarian - whose sword and sorcery adventures were best personified by Arnie during the '80s - was actually conceived some 70 years ago by Robert E Howard for Weird Tales magazine. It's this original incarnation of the most famous barbarian hero that Funcom has used for the design of Age Of Conan, which the game director Gaute Godager describes as: "A very dark, harsh and violent world, but also one that's very lush and lustful."

There's no pussy-footing around here making bowls or herding sheep - this is an MMORPG that's all about fighting. There will be three different types of regular combat in the game: normal hands-on weapon combat, formation combat featuring massive armies of followers and lastly epic siege combats against great strongholds and towers. PvP also comes in three different types with mass PvP, team versus team and brawling - one-on-one combat that happens in special bars and inns and usually involve lots of alcohol. Just like real life in fact...


At the beginning of each level, Age Of Conan is set to play out much like a single-player game. You'll be immersed in a strongly story-driven world and as soon as you hit the big 20, it's off to play with the big boys. With simply stunning scenery and an immersive world fuelled by classic Hyborian blood and sweat, this is shaping up to be the best thing to happen to Conan since Schwarzenegger slipped into a furry codpiece. Not something he's tried too much - at least not in public - since he became Governor of California.