Dead to Rights shoots up PSP

It's a day of Reckoning for Sony's handheld as new screens from Namco's action game hit. Plus: EA to co-handle Euro publishing

Namco's Dead to Rights: Reckoning on PSP shoves you into the shoes of cop Jack Slate who along with his sidekick canine buddy Shadow is caught up in a "gritty cop storyline" involving kidnapping and the criminal underworld. New screenshots from the handheld title have been released.

Events unfold in the crime-riddled Grant City, the story kicking off when an important informant is kidnapped on the eve of the investigation of a major crime lord. Slate and Shadow venture into gang land in an effort to rescue the informant... Reckoning features the series' combination of ranged and melee combat beefed up by a new selection of weapons and lethal disarms. And you'll also be able to go toe-to-toe with mates in wireless multiplayer Deathmatch.

Dead to Rights: Reckoning will be co-published by EA on these shores, with a Winter 2005 release promised.