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Getting Up with Marc Ecko

"I want to make games that get you laid!" - The urban fashion mogul hits us up about why he's moving from clothes to consoles

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Marc Ecko: No. It's not anything like GTA, but the comparison doesn't bother me. First of all I think the Hauser brothers are [bleep!] geniuses and I think that the things they touch turn to gold. I think it took a lot of balls to make a game that really sticks the middle finger up to what people think gaming should be about, and to take the piss out of things like violence in films - it's okay in films, so why not in games? That said, Getting Up is not GTA. That's another problem with the gaming industry and the way it's editorialized and marketed. It's all classified like that. Why try to classify it? Imagine the buyers trying to categorize GTA 3. [bleep!] that. The great thing about GTA is that it challenged all that. With Getting Up, I wanted to put the flag in the ground on a graffiti experience and then explore it as we move forward into the next generation of consoles. I think it would work great online as a more free-roaming experience and that's something we're talking about.


Can you elaborate on those conversations?

Marc Ecko: Much more customization... Well, I don't want to say too much about it, but it's pretty logical. If you sit down and think about it it's all pretty obvious.

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure will be available for Xbox, PS2 and PC in Autumn.

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