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Operation Flashpoint Sequel

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Unsurprisingly, OFP2 is also pushing the boundaries of authenticity and accuracy in military games. Not only is every piece of equipment 100 per cent accurate, but every vehicle in the game is correctly modelled and animated, every building is fully destructible (see 'Bringing Down The House', above), even every tree and plant is botanically correct. Indeed, this is where much of the work of the past three years has gone - into making an engine and a game that, while nowhere near as visually impressive as the likes of UT2007, can make some pretty impressive claims of its own. Take the ballistics system, for example. Not only is it extremely accurate at modelling bullet paths, it calculates the energy of a bullet at every moment to determine deflection, penetration and damage.


It's mind-boggling stuff, and in a way we can see why publishers don't like Bohemia Interactive. The Czech team has just spent three years modelling obscure Russian tanks and developing an engine that measures bullet penetration, and yet the gameplay is still at prototype stage. Ultimately of course, it's we who will reap the benefits. OFP2 looks likely to be the most authentic, detailed and freeform military sim ever attempted, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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