SCAR: Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo

SCAR may very well be the world's first 'CARPG.' You see what they've done there? Basically, rather than accrue money to let you tune your car in a Gran Turismo fashion, here you accumulate experience points in order to tweak your driver's skills and stats. It's like Baldur's Gate on alloys and low-profile Pirellis. You even 'level up', for goodness sake.

There are nine different areas that can be improved, including Endurance (boosts your driver's healing rate), Focus (helps reduce damage to the car and driver during prangs) and Handling (pretty much self-explanatory that one). Your man behind the wheel also has the ability to intimidate the guy in front in classic white van man-style by driving right up his arse, causing weaker-willed opponents to lose control. This also affects you, unfortunately.


And bloody hell, this game is challenging. Very much a racing sim rather than the sort of thing you can install and start ploughing through immediately, SCAR sports a near vertical learning curve. All it takes is one tiny mistake and your race is up shit creek, paddles not included. Thankfully, the Italian developer has chucked in a feature called Tiger Effect, which lets you wind time back a few seconds and get another shot at avoiding danger, which you'll get a lot of use out of.

So, do we have any criticisms? Well, apart from the difficulty, SCAR feels rather consoley in its presentation, and of course the only cars you get to drive here are Alfa Romeos. So, you have to ask yourself, are you a fan of Alfas
and driving sims? If the answer's yes, you'll be right at home behind the wheel of this baby.

The verdict

SCARily decent

Racing / Driving