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Football Manager 2006 gets 'mug-d'

Sega redoes its 'Face in the Game' offer for upcoming sim. New screens here

We've always wanted to be a pro footballer, an up and coming midfield terrier with a 20K a week paypacket, model girlfriend and a love-love relationship with the West Ham faithful. Sadly, the nearest we're ever gonna get to fulfilling that dream is by having our face stuffed into the Football Manager 2006 player pool.

Sega and developer Sports Interactive are once again running its 'Face in the Game' offer, allowing folk like us to be featured as regenerated players in the 2006 edition of its management sim. Entrants simply submit a photo of their mug, along with basic details, and fingers crossed, should find themselves climbing through the youth ranks at their favourite club in future seasons of the game.


Sadly, only folk in the 18 - 22 year old age bracket can be represented as players. Older gits like us will have to make do with roles as physios and coaches, although we can't see any reason why we shouldn't send off a pic of us from - ahem - a couple of years ago.

Full application details can be found at the official Sports Interactive site right here. In the meantime, here is a selection of new shots for you to look at. Football Manager 2006 is set for release on PC/Mac in November this year. A PSP version is also in development.