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Miyamoto and Aonuma strive for Zelda perfection

Twilight Princess will learn from The Wind Waker's mistakes, duo says. New screens inside

Despite being lauded like a big shiny gold thing with magical powers, Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto and director Eiji Aonuma clearly weren't satisfied with The Wind Waker. They apparently discovered so many problems that they make it sound like anything other than a kingpin of GameCube entertainment. But this can mean only one thing - follow-up Twilight Princess is going for the unthinkable, 'Zelda perfection'

"During the development of Twilight Princess, I refused to repeat the same mistakes [in The Wind Waker]," Aonuma-san told Swedish magazine Reset in a recent interview. "It means more responsibility for me, but this time we can't let things to go wrong."


The very honest Zelda director then confessed that the triforce piece hunt was rushed, describing its gameplay as 'dull'. "At the end of the production we fought against the clock and there were parts that I was forced to approve even though it didn't feel complete," he admitted. "I apologise that we didn't fix the triforce hunt at the end of the game. It was slow and dull."

Miyamoto waded in with a few admissions himself, although his tone will certainly have done a lot to raise the expectation levels of Twilight Princess. "I have absorbed the criticism we got from The Wind Waker, that the sea was too big and the number of dungeons and caves were too few. The new game will have more dungeons. Many more."

While the hardworking duo picks holes in previous work, the quest for perfection should see the forthcoming Twilight Princess really pushing the boundaries of the Zelda franchise. According to the interview, the game will be more adult-oriented in both mood and content. Link will be grown up and the story will be 'long, complex, and occasionally serious', although more lighthearted moments will also make their presence strongly felt.

"We want Twilight Princess to contain all sides of what people think of the Legend of Zelda series," Miyamoto-san said.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is currently expected to release in Europe in November for GameCube. While you count away those long Summer/Autumn days, you can take a look at these latest screens to be released.