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All-star cast in the can for Getting Up

Plus politician cries foul play at Marc Ecko's graffiti game

Bit of a mixed day for the makers of Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. On the happy hand, the graffiti-spraying gang game has secured one of the best vocal line-ups we've yet to see (hear?) in a videogame.

On the downside, a concerned New York politician has called for the title to be investigated for its alleged endorsement of 'tagging'. Surely, it's not another bout of San Andreas syndrome, is it?

Anyway, to the subject of casting, and rapper/ex-Jennifer Lopez beau Sean 'P Diddy' Combs assumes the role of a rival gangster, with Sin City beauties Rosario Dawson and Brittany Murphy playing a gangland moll and TV reporter respectively.

Also, getting the hearty thumbs up from us is the casting of 'original and best Batman' Adam West, who half of us thought was dead. He obviously isn't though, thankfully, because he's playing a city Chief. You can see the full cast list at the bottom of this story.

Meanwhile, in related news and striking while the GTA 'Hot Coffee' mug is still, er, hot, New York City Council Member Peter F. Vallone has vocally raised concern over the game's content, allegedly calling for it to be banned.

"From what [publisher] Atari's putting out, it appears they want to make crime exciting and to teach children how to get away with breaking the law," he said in an official statement. "I'm just glad they aren't giving out cans of spray paint with this game. I think irresponsible corporations like Atari must get the message loud and clear, we don't want them supporting criminals and punks and if they do we won't support them."

And then employing a pun that would do us CVG guys proud, he added: "I think Atari will soon learn that they are going to be a 'Company Under Pressure'."

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is to release this Autumn for PS2, PC and Xbox. Check out below for the full, announced cast list:

  • Sean "P. Diddy" Combs - a pop culture icon, composer, producer director and actor, P. Diddy lends his voice to DIP, a member of Trane's rival crew, Vandals of New Radius;
  • Rosario Dawson - famous for her roles in Sin City and Men in Black II, she plays the voice of Tina, the girlfriend of Gabe, the leader of the Vandals of New Radius crew;
  • Brittany Murphy - has appeared in 8 Mile and Little Black Book, she will voice the aggressive and ambitious television reporter, Karen Light;
  • George Hamilton - known for his roles in The Godfather: Part III and Hollywood Ending, he will voice Mayor Sung, a cagey politician who's risen to the top slot in the city of New Radius;
  • Giovanni Ribisi - featured in films such as Boiler Room, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Cold Mountain, Ribisi will voice KRY1, a member of Trane's Still Free Crew;
  • Adam West - the original Batman from the television series lends his voice to the Chief William Hunt character;
  • Andy Dick - comedian who appeared in Zoolander and Old School, Dick plays the voice of Aunt Beth, a ruthless female boss of the Vandal Squad;
  • Charlie Murphy - best known for his appearances on "Chappelle's Show," Murphy is the voice of White Mike, another member of Trane's Still Free Crew;
  • The RZA - The founding member of hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan now known for composing the music of films such as Kill Bill: Volume 1 and Kill Bill: Volume 2, he will voice the character Stake, leader of the Wrong-Way Assassins;
  • Michael "M.C. Serch" Berrin - previously part of the hip-hop duo 3rd Bass and featured in the film Bamboozled, he will voice one of the main characters, Gabe, leader of the Vandals of New Radius crew.