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Ninety-Nine Nights: Xbox 360 shots and info

Lumines and Kingdom Under Fire developers go number crazy as Ninety-Nine Nights hits Xbox 360 with two new screens and erm, some, details

Q-Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Lumines and Rez, has unveiled the company's first foray into next-gen territory at the ongoing Xbox Summit in Japan.

Developed in conjunction with Phantagram, Ninety-Nine Nights thrusts gamers into an intense 'human drama about conflict between light and the dark', according to the game's press release.

Although details are a bit thin on the ground at the moment, Ninety-Nine Nights looks to be very much in an action-heavy RTS vein, which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise considering Phantagram is responsible for the Kingdom Under Fire series.


Story-wise, Ninety-Nine Nights sees it's harmonious world torn apart when magical orbs balancing the powers of light and dark are ripped apart, casting the land into - wait for it - ninety nine nights of darkness. It's up to players to select from one of a slew of characters, including captains, knights and soldiers from across the world's warring armies. Mizuguchi promises that each character will have their own storyline and perspective of unfolding events, ensuring plenty of replay value.

While all this might sound suspiciously familiar, especially to fans of Dynasty Warriors and the Kingdom Under Fire games, it's the staggering number of enemies on screen at once that really separates this from the crowd. Thanks to the Xbox 360's graphical oomph, battlefields heave with literally thousands of barbaric warriors at once, all eager to see your head on a spike and guts in a puddle as soon as possible.

Mizuguchi also promises that opponents will be more than mindless sword-swinging drones, with some formidable AI ticking away behind the scenes.

The game is currently said to be fifty percent complete, so it's unlikely we'll be seeing Ninety-Nine Nights when the Xbox 360 launches at the end of the year. We'll have more details as development continues - in the meantime, stare slack-jawed at the latest shots on this page.