Driv3r skids onto GBA

Wheelman Tanner heads to handheld, new features promised

Driv3r was, erm, how to put this politely.. not quite as good as we were hoping but nevertheless still managed to well which is probably what's encouraged Atari to deliver a GBA version of the game.

Scheduled for release in September, Driv3r on GBA, as with the console and PC versions of the title, relates the tale of wheelman Tanner, with the handheld's 25 missions rolling out a plot of underworld infiltration by the Miami cop.

Miami plays host to the game's first 12 missions, the remaining 13 taking players to Nice, France. Each city has 50km of streets to explore, we're informed, and a dash of freeform gameplay means you can, if you wish, take a step back from the missions and cruise the roads with pistol in hand (there are over seven weapons in the game - so eight?) in any of the game's 25-plus vehicles.


Additionally, there's a number of mini-games packed in including Slalom, Checkpoint, Trailblazer and Destruction. Apparently, the main missions and the mini-games all fall under one umbrella that Atari's calling 'Undercover' mode.

Character and vehicle control is of course in there and, according to Mr. Press Release, "intricate collisions, to create a game that is by far the most complex that Atari has published for the Game Boy Advance" plus there's secret missions you can unlock. Check out the first screens.