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Win Worms 4! And a PS2!

We're here to answer all your wriggling combat needs

Team 17's Worms series has, on the whole, proved an addictive little blighter of a turn-based combat game souped up with a liberal dose of humour that's turned single-player and multiplayer annelid wars into bouts of laughs and action. Latest in the franchise Worms 4: Mayhem features the tried and tested Worms foundation at its core and bolsters it with new gameplay to ensure everything goes off with a wriggling bang.

We've teamed up with Codemasters to give you our readers the opportunity to win copies of Worms 4: Mayhem (official game website here) and, for the overall winner, there's a PS2 too. First prize is the console plus a copy of the game on PS2 and we also have another copy of the PS2 version, two copies of the Xbox version and two copies of the PC version to give away as runners-up prizes.


To stand a chance of winning a prize, all you need to do is correctly answer the question below. Please note that when typing in your name we need you to add the format you'd like to receive the copy of the game on in brackets after. So, for example: John Smith (Xbox).

If you don't add the format, unfortunately we can't put your name into the hat. Anyway, good luck!