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Evil threatens next-gen Nintendo

The end not necessarily nigh for Resident Evil on a Nintendo console

Despite being originally announced as a GameCube exclusive, the critically lauded fourth installment of Capcom's Resident Evil series is now shambling toward a PS2 release. Still, when news of Resi number five surfaced last week, most Nintendo owners assumed the game would eventually be making its way to the Revolution.

However, Capcom's official announcement merely slated the title for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 - with no mention of the next-gen Nintendo console in sight.

All's not lost for Nintendophiles though, it seems. Reports on the internet suggest that an undisclosed source at Nintendo of America has confirmed the possibility of a Revolution appearance for the game - although no official announcement is likely to be made until more details of the machine have been released to the public.

Adding to the validity of the claim, Capcom has also confirmed that the next Resident Evil installment will definitely put in an appearance on other, currently unspecified, platforms.

Hopefully, Nintendo fans can look forward to a happy Resi-lution.