The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Take another look at the title. If we could sum this game up in two simple words, they would indeed be 'ultimate' and 'destruction'. Sure, there may be an underlying story and a wealth of objective-based missions under this mass of rubble and twisted metal, but the real fun to be had in this fantastic-looking sequel lies in smashing the crap out of anything that moves, and obliterating everything that doesn't for good measure.

Since the sort-of-stealthy Banner missions of the original Hulk (Issue 18, 7.5) have been axed, players are left to freely indulge in a complete orgy of wanton destruction. And boy, is it better than any sex we've ever had. Pretty much everything in the game is destructible, though it's sometime much more beneficial to thoughtfully use lampposts, various vehicles and any unfortunate persons who come to hand as projectile weapons. Earn enough Smash points (no prizes for guessing how) and you can also create makeshift weapons from vehicles and unlock up to 150 different fighting moves.


The Hulk's every action has a brilliantly destructive consequence - every footprint leaves a crater on the ground, and sprinting down the street scatters everything in your path. Combat is still pleasingly simple; two- and three-button combos are the way forward, and pretty much as complex as it gets. Moves can be charged up for even wider devastation, though this leaves you open to attack.

This destruction feels amazingly brutal, and with the terrifying (and ear-splittingly loud) explosions and sounds of grating metal, this is a genuine assault on the ears. We were convinced our TV was going to shatter at any second, such was the ferocity of each gut-wrenching attack.

The impressive cityscape is a huge, sprawling urban playground. Every destination players can see can be reached, and the Hulk
can now skip with ease up, along and over any building or obstacle unfortunate enough to get in his way. The Badlands are more open and sweeping in scale, though this just means there's less cover to hide from the swarms of choppers and armoured vehicles that are constantly on your tail.

We're itching to get our hands on the final version of this monster title. If you can't wait either, pop in this month's disc and smash your way through our exclusive demo.