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Project Zero spooks next-gen

Spooky camera chillers planned for next-gen consoles, Tecmo reveals

We've always been a bit suspect of videogames' ability to terrify, but if there's ever a series that's come close to truly troubling our digestive system, it's got to be Tecmo's Project Zero series (AKA Fatal Frame overseas).

After last year's sequel, we reckon the camera-snapping ghost hunts have overtaken Silent Hill as the ultimate in psychological horror, and now the pixellated pants filler is coming to next-gen consoles near you.

In an interview with Japanese website IT Media, producer Keisuke Kikuchi disclosed that his team is busy designing a further instalment for the next band of consoles, which will allow them to throw twice as many enemies at players. With Project Zero 3 currently set for PS2, it looks like the unnamed title in question could well be Project Zero 4. See, we knew that maths GCSE would come in handy one day.

Also in the interview, Kikuchi-san revealed that Project Zero 3 would make players genuinely afraid to seek out the truth, and that Miku Hinasaki from the first outing would return alongside two new characters.

Project Zero 3 has so far only been announced for PS2, and will release in Japan in the coming days and America in Q4. No European release date has yet to have been announced, but you can expect that to change soon. Either that or we'll eat our disposable Kodaks and they taste horrid.