San Andreas banned

In Australia, that is and it's all down to - you guessed it - Hot Coffee

Any 17-year old Americans gutted at having to wait a year to play the original GTA: San Andreas should look to Australia if they think they've got it bad. Due to its age rating policy and its own Hot Coffee investigations, Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) has banned the game completely.

"The Classification Board has revoked the classification of the computer game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," the official statement read. "The Classification Board made this decision on the basis that it contains contentious material (activated through a code or otherwise) that was not brought to the Board's attention when it was classified.

"Revocation of a classification means the computer game cannot be legally sold, hired, advertised or exhibited in Australia...Businesses that sell or hire computer games should remove existing stocks of this game from their shelves immediately."

San Andreas had originally been rated Mature 15+ in Australia, seemingly the highest a game can go in that particular territory. Expect Australian copies of San Andreas to swap hands for muchos bucks at a very fast rate.

So as another day in the San Andreas saga reaches its climax, we leave you with this one point of discussion: can the Hot Coffee sex scene - mod or no mod - really be considered any more 'adult' than the existing violent, profanity-riddled gameplay that was on show when the game was first classified by its relevant boards? Food for thought, we thinks.