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Worms 4: Mayhem

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It pays to plant the TNT too, as the destruction of certain areas and walls reveal Aladdin's caves of treasures and treats. Bizarre worms also lurk in areas of the story modes too. Find these easter eggs during a mission and they'll reward you with an abundance of gold coins. These can then be taken to the shop to buy various odds and sods with which to kit out your team.

Extra outfits, voices, and game styles can be bought at the shop, but most importantly for the discerning worm, there are ingenious weapons to be added to your arsenal. We recommend the sniper rifle or new poison arrow, both of which are precise in their purpose and far more effective at killing than, say, a 200 pound comedy cow.


At its core, Mayhem is a leaner, less confusing entry to the Worms universe than Forts Under Siege, returning the series to a time when worm-killing was simple and death came in the form of an exploding sheep. With Live as standard these days, it's what Worms 3D should have been a couple of years ago. It's just a shame it's taken so long to get here.

Worms 4 is far from a revelation for the Worms games, and it's far from anything remotely resembling groundbreaking, but by wisely shrugging off much of the baggage that has tied the series down for so long, out of the mayhem comes something bordering on compulsive wet weekend gaming. Worms of the world, go grab yourselves a pint of mud, you've done yourselves proud.

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The verdict

Stripped down to its component parts, it's the best 3D Worms yet, but the series is starting to whiff of 'perennial sequlitis'.

Team 17
Action, Sim / Strategy