Screen test: Win a saucy NEC MultiSync LCD1970GX monitor!

Bored with your old 17" CRT monitor? Then you'll want a tasty NEC LCD1970GX which has been specially optimised for games. Yum-yum!

Many will tell you that size doesn't matter - that's actually just girls being nice to the male ego really - but when it comes to your visual display that forms part of your prize gaming rig/setup the more inches slapped onto your desktop the better.

Even a couple of inches extension can make all the difference to your gaming experience and during those first moments of size increase you'll be wanting to reinstall your entire collection of PC games just to check how sweet they look on your new screen. Or even of course connect it up to your console and drool!

And if you've been wanting your monitor to grow up a bit but have found it hard to gather the pennies, then we have a potential answer to your prayers. We've got together with our friends at NEC to give our readers the chance of winning a very handsome NEC MultiSync LCD1970GX monitor (the 'G', incidentally, stands for 'Gaming, Graphics and Glossy' - seriously) which has been specially optimised for games, multimedia and graphics applications - so it's right up a gamer's street.


This 19-inch LCD monitor oozes quality. The screen's glossy surface guarantees high quality colour display and outstanding reproduction of colours and pictures, at a contrast ratio of 700:1. And NEC Display's Solutions OptiClear technology ensures the monitor has an extremely fast response time of only 8 ms and a high brightness level of 400 cd/m2 is guaranteed, which also enables games, DVDs and video sequences to be smoothly played back

And that's not all. The newly developed DVM function (Dynamic Visual Mode) dynamically optimises the colour display, which is particularly important for games, photo and video applications, there's an integrated USB 2.0 hub, analogue and digital DVI-D inputs and the monitor is supported by the company's own software development the NaViSet suite which provides the user with an easy-to-manage on screen menu.

Plus, the NTAA (Non Touch Auto Adjustment) function integrated into the display automatically checks the settings every time the unit is switched on and the optimum resolution is 1280 x 1024 pixels at 60 Hz.

Very nice, and indeed NEC's MultiSync 70-Series, a design which is shared by the NEC MultiSync LCD1970GX, has been awarded the coveted iF product design award for 2005.

Our colleagues over at PC Format were so impressed they gave it a Top Gear award calling it a: "Vibrant glossy screen that delivers all round solid performance" adding, "Whether it's for gaming, desktop or video work, this monitor won't disappoint".


Our gaming buddies at PC Zone were equally impressed in their review giving the LCD1970GX a Recommended Award and saying: "it's screen looks like the granite tombstone of an aristocrat," and rather more bizarrely it's, "a screen you want to lick".

They always were a bit strange that lot but it's high praise indeed and normally the NEC MultiSync LCD1970GX would set you back 339 quid if you bought it in the high street but we're giving one away for free. All you need to do to stand a chance of winning is correctly answer the question below. And don't forget to enter the required personal details too!