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PS3 shuns 'older' PlayStation peripherals

Our PS2 dance mat weeps at the prospect of redundancy

Anyone hoping that they'd be able to use PSone and PS2 peripherals with PlayStation 3, prepare for disappointment.

According to reports, US print publication PSM carries some surprising info gleaned from anonymous sources that states that the likes of controllers and dance mats designed for PSone/PS2 won't be compatible with PS3.

A little odd, considering the backwards compatibility of PS3 although it is mentioned that the new controller bundled with the next-gen console will be more than capable of handling older PlayStation games. Just don't try dancing on it.

It appears that PSone/PS2 memory cards won't be compatible with PS3 either, the next-gen console instead using Sony's Memory Stick Duo which also slots into PSP. Which all implies that game saves on the older memory cards will be non-transferable to the new console.

PSM's article goes on to discuss how PSP will operate as a wi-fi remote control for PS3, handling media stored on the console, and that Sony's plans for the PS3 hard drive currently only extend to storing said media - movies, digital photos etc that users should be able to transfer between PS3, PC and PSP.