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Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

Seven Sorrows, the Xbox Live update of classic arcade smash Gauntlet, continues to make pleasing progress, resulting in a game that should put the fan back into fantasy hack-and-slash come its release this winter.

The concept is simple - convoluted plot about homicidal emperors and ancient prophecies aside - take six fantasy staples (Wizard! Warrior! Valkyrie! Elf! Plus two as-yet-undisclosed characters!) and let them hack, slash, lightning-bolt and potion-sup their way through a beautifully constructed fantasy world full of skeletons, trolls and other assorted nasties.

Add a clever skill concept known as the 'Junction' system, that lets different characters combine their powers for new, even more devastating attacks, and make the whole thing play co-operatively with up to four players at a time over Live. So, all the fun of the arcade original then, only at home, on your Xbox, on Live.


Better still, Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows plans to foster a whole online community of adventurers, where likeminded individuals can band together, fight monsters and trades treasures and special items between themselves, creating an almost massively multiplayer online RPG feel to the game. We're not exactly sure how it's going to work yet, but it's a much needed (and much overdue) concept for Xbox Live games in general.

And just to round things off, the man behind it all is none other than John Romero, the legendary creator of Doom, so if that's not enough to twinge your sword arm into a reflexive swipe, we don't know what is.(Whoops, Romero's since quit the project as you can find out here - C&VG Ed) Look out for more stash-happy info in future issues of OXM.