Lara Croft raiding Games Convention 2005

Latest Tomb Raider game debuting in playable form at this month's event in Leipzig

Eidos and SCi have reportedly announced that Lara Croft will be perking up this month's Games Convention 2005 in Leipzig, Germany, Tomb Raider: Legend making its debut in playable form at the European event.

Although it's currently unknown how much of the new Tomb Raider game attendees of the event will get to explore, it will no doubt draw the crowds. Interest in the flagging franchise has been re-ignited by the return of Lara Croft creator Toby Gard to the series and development responsibilities being passed into the hands of Crystal Dynamics

Games Convention 2005 in Leipzig runs from August 17 through to August 21. CVG will be present at what is rapidly shaping up to be a very decent videogames event indeed and we'll be brining you as much as we humanly can as soon as humanly possible from the jamboree once it kicks off.