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Atari's Crashday prangs PC

Atari reveals "vehicle action" game blending elements from a myriad of like-minded titles is crashing onto PC in Feb 2006. Screens inside

Anyone who fancies the idea of pranging a few motors on PC might like to keep an eye on Crashday, a vehicle action game developed by Moon Byte and Replay Studios that's to be unleashed by Atari in 2006.

According to some press blurb, Crashday "blends elements of all the best action games such as Burnout, Stuntman, Destruction Derby, Flatout, Track Mania, Tony Hawk and Carmageddon into one glorious package for destruction fans" to give you some idea of what's in store with "glorious visuals" and "open environments" also promised.

Players are able to take part in the likes of Racing, Stunt Driving and Wrecking game modes (there'll be seven game modes all told playable in single-player and multiplayer) and team competition and online modes, plus there'll also be a track editor that'll allow you to design you own circuits. You'll be able to deck out the 12 cars featuring with a variety of weapons to blow competitors to smithereens and if you fancy a break from the main action then you can have a dabble with mini-games.


Sounds a little like Unreal Tournament on wheels to us, which might be no bad thing. Anyway, you can check it out in the screens on this very page.