GTA: Liberty City Stories

Rockstar's hit series banged up on PSP

Rockstar lifted the lid on GTA: Liberty City Stories this month, offering us the first real indication of how amazingly spectacular the portable version will be. Liberty City Stories takes place three years before the events of GTA3, with you in the role of Tony Cipriani. GTA lunatics with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Grand Theft universe will remember Cipriani as the hoodlum previously voiced by Michael Madsen, who is set to reprise the role here.

Indeed, a fully 'talking' hero is one of many minor advancements over GTA3, along with an improved targeting system for gun combat (complete with a San
Andreas-style lock-on function) and a full range of motorbikes. The Liberty City playing environment is also to be buffed up using fancy-arsed development tricks learnt on Vice City and San Andreas. It would be a shame if they left out the advanced interaction with pedestrians we got used to in San Andreas.


It looks like the PSP is going to pushed to the limits of its young life with everything that Rockstar is squeezing in here, much like they did to the PS2 with San Andreas. The game is being viewed as a fully fledged GTA title, with the city and vehicles slightly altered to look earlier than in GTA3, and provide new challenges with altered layouts to the familiar streets.

As for Wi-Fi-based multiplayer, we're still waiting for official info on that too. Undoubtedly it would be one of the 'most wanted' wish list features of any PSP GTA title, but the series hasn't ever had a strong first-party multiplayer component and with that October release date now looming, we might well have to do without.