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Sega spills Bleach

Popular anime series smacks up the DS ++UPDATE: First shots land a blow++

Sega has finally announced details of their upcoming DS adaptation of popular anime series Bleach. The 2D fighting game is being developed by long time Sega partners Treasure, known for the MegaDrive classic Gunstar Heroes and more recently the Game Boy Advance adaptation of Astro Boy.

The anime series Bleach follows the life a high school student who inherits the power to fight and slay evil spirits, though Treasure thankfully promises that the game will be accessible to those who do not follow the show (and presumably those that don't know their Holy Water from their hotpants).


Both Sega and Treasure remain tight lipped about gameplay specifics, although multi-player wireless modes and two fighting planes, across the handhelds dual screens, have been touted. Still, we're intrigued to see how Treasure take advantage of the DS's other unique capabilities - we're hoping for a lung-busting Super Hard Blow Get!! special move.

Bleach is due to beat its way onto the DS in Japan early next year. An international release has yet to be confirmed.