Alien Hominid homes in on GBA

New screens as the irritable extraterrestrial blasts onto Nintendo's handheld

From it's humble beginnings as a single-level internet Flash game, Behemoth's uniquely whacked out 2D blaster has already shot it's load all over the PS2, Xbox and, in the US only, GC to plenty of applause. Now, the stylishly stupid sci-fi shooter is set to crash land on the GBA.

Publisher ZOO Digital are promising the handheld experience will remain faithful to its home console cousins, featuring thirteen levels, alongside an army of thumb-straining boss encounters and a heap of weapons to ramp up the maniacal massacring.

Fans of hardcore old skool arcade carnage still have a bit of wait yet, with the GBA alien actioner poised to invade these shores this November. In the meantime, check out the latest shots on this page.