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PS2 Res Evil 4's extra gory treats

Resident Evil 4: Premium Edition on its way to American PS2s.

With the PS2 European release of Resident Evil 4 approaching like a chainsaw-wielding madman, an advertisement from American retailer GameStop hints that Sony owners might be in for a special version of the survival horror smash when it reaches our shores.

According to their website, the 'Premium Edition' will include a making of DVD, a limited edition laser cel of the game character Ada Wong and the Brady Games Resident Evil Prologue 'artbook', all of which sounds similar to the stuff inside the GameCube special edition released earlier in the year.

Whether or not the European release will include this edition remains to be seen, but we'll keep you posted. Resident evil 4 comes out in Europe for the PS2 on November 4th.

A quick call to Capcom has predictably resulted in them telling us nothing is confirmed so far for the European release, but reading between the lines, we reckon there's every chance a Euro special edition is in the works. As soon as we know, you will.