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Pokemon breed like rabbits! Gotta' catch even more

Three more Pokemon titles in development for the Nintendo DS

If you were to take the line "Gotta' catch them all!" literally, we imagine you'd be the first UK fatality from the videogame addiction that's gripping South Korea at the moment. Following our announcement yesterday that Pokemon Emerald is at long last coming to the UK, we are frankly amazed to report that Nintendo has three new Pokemon games in development for the DS, according to Japanese magazine Comic Korokoro.

The titles of said games will be Pokemon Toruze, Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon Blue and Pokemon Rangers, all of which are based in different genres and will be released in Japan within eighteen months.

Pokemon Torouze will be the first for release, rumoured for a Japanese street date of October 20th. Over three hundred and eight Pokemon will be up for grabs and all will be accessible through a puzzle-based style of play.

Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon Blue will shortly follow and Pokemon Rangers will be the last to rear its head some time in 2006. Both of these titles are RPG based, though Nintendo seems to be tight-lipped about the specifics of them. We do know that the former will feature randomly generated dungeon maps and the latter will interact with upcoming DS games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. And no, we're not making these names up, folks. They're genuine.

You shouldn't be surprised to learn that Nintendo haven't announced a European dates for these releases, but be honest - how many Pokemon do you really want to catch at once, anyway? If you simply must know, based how long Pokemon Emerald took we're guessing this time next year.