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Civ IV employs great people

New details and a single image of Firaxis' upcoming strategy epic Civilization IV

New gameplay details have emerged from developer Firaxis today that show how exactly the "Great People" feature will work inside their upcoming Civilization IV.

The legendary strategy series latest offering will be drawing influence from high profile figures such as Leonardo DiVinci, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill and more recently, Starbucks creator Howard Schultz (C&VG has no idea where we'd be without him), the game will include certain types of people who will have a profound impact on your developing civilisation.

Presently, there will be five types of 'Great People' in the game: Artists, Engineers, Merchants, Prophets, and Scientists. The amount of them you can include will depend on the conditions and structures in your city, but they will also be closely tied to the Great Wonders that have featured previously in the series. In addition, they will also be named after real historical figures, so expect the above to be available for your gaming pleasure (Note to Firaxis: We really want to see Howard Schultz in there).


Whilst it's not a revolutionary concept, it does sound like Firaxis are moving the game in the right direction. Whether or not these baby steps of evolution will be enough to get players back to Empire building is another matter, but for now enjoy this new screenshot which depicts Civilization IV as the series we all know (and some love).