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Mario and Luigi to get back to the future!

Great scott! Mario and Luigi 2 to be a time-travel spectacular!

Mario fans should be forthing over details in Japanese gaming bible Famitsu uncovering new details about Alphadream's upcoming DS title, Mario and Luigi 2. Most revelationary of which is news that Mario and Luigi are going back in time!

The game is set to take place in a new period of the Mushroom Kingdom, where Mario and Luigi will have to work with their younger selves to thwart the evil plans of 'a new enemy'. Progression will require that players use both pairs of characters in a co-operative manner, relying the familiar timing based attack system from first game.

Whilst the thought of taking care of the Brooklyn-born babies might prove to be too cutesy for even the hardest of Nintendo followers, the potential of exploring the Mushroom Kingdom was like in not-so-ancient times could stem the likely sugar rush (although if Baby Mario reverts back to his Yoshi's Island-era "Waaaaah!", we won't be held responsible for any incidents involving projectile handhelds).

Mario and Luigi is set for Stateside this November and should be with us early next year - although we wouldn't be surprised if it already came out yesterday. We're talking time travel, after all.