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Xbox 360 scores Football Manager 2006

Sports Interactive signs up for Microsoft's next-gen spring season

Good news for sports fans - SEGA Europe Ltd and Sports Interactive announced today that Football Manager 2006 is coming to Xbox 360 early next year.

Developer Sports Interactive are infamous for their work on fan favourite footie management sims, previously working on both the Championship Manager series and Football Manager 2005.

The latest title, previously announced for both the PSP and PC/Mac, will include hundreds of divisions across dozens of countries, featuring thousands of players and all manner of other options guarenteed to make a football fantatic flush with anticipation.


This level of micro-management and statistic processing has traditionally been impossible for home consoles, but it seems like the Xbox 360's sheer processing might is set to change all that.

Sports Interactive's Managing director Miles Jacobson has applauded Microsoft's next-gen machine: "Finally a home console system is being released that can do Football Manager justice". What's more, with the game optimised for the Xbox control system, this might be the first console football sim to hold its own against its PC teammates.

All features of previous versions will be incorporated, including training, the 2D match engine, full rules for all leagues and player data, which will be accurate to the end of the winter transfer window. Unfortunately there's no mention of exploiting Xbox Live for online play just yet, but with the release a little way off, we hope to hear more in the future.

Football Manager 2006 will bound onto the pitch in the Spring of next year.